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Homeschool Instruction

  • Are you currently homeschooling your child but having difficulty teaching subjects, organizing work, and ensuring material is retained?
  • Is your child being homeschooled because they want to play NCAA sports at a Division I or Division II​ school?

Just because your child is not in a typical school setting doesn’t mean they should be at a disadvantage for gaining the knowledge taught in a typical classroom. Dr. Kroner offers one-on-one homeschool instruction, helping to eliminate the power struggles between parent and child.  She will work with the curriculum your district or online school has provided, and can offer supplemental materials when necessary. A major benefit of homeschool instruction is that it can be conveniently scheduled around your child's busy schedule.

Dr. Kroner also understands the requirements of NCAA eligibility and will work with your child to make sure their work is completed and turned in on time. She will also ensure their classes and transcripts meet all NCAA requirements so they can be accepted into the college of their choice.  

dr shannon kronerdr. shannon kroner