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Vaccine Information

  • Are you a new parent with questions regarding childhood vaccines?

  • Do you fear that vaccinating your child will cause more harm than good?

  • Are you concerned with protecting your child’s health by every means possible?​

Dr. Kroner is the author of the doctoral dissertation titled, ​Childhood Vaccinations: The Development of an Educational Manual. As part of her dissertation, she has written an educational manual designed to inform parents of the facts about childhood vaccines. Whether you are for, against, or simply undecided, Dr. Kroner can answer your vaccine-related questions, help you make informed decisions, go over vaccine schedule options, guide you in approaching your pediatrician on the subject, explain vaccine controversies and possible side effects, and discuss California's vaccine laws required for school.


Dr. Kroner offers one-on-one informative vaccine consultations and several vaccine information workshops throughout the year. Please contact Dr. Kroner to set up an informative vaccine consultation or to get dates on upcoming vaccine information workshops. 

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